District 27 Tournament






As we look forward to the excitement of the upcoming District 27 tournaments, we are working hard to make it a pleasant and memorable experience for everyone present.

To make the tournaments run smoothly, we are in need of volunteers to work the games:



        Grounds crew

If enough people come forward, it should be possible for each volunteer to work just one night of the tournaments.

Those of you who volunteer for these positions during the regular season are already familiar with the procedures, and you also know that volunteering adds another dimension to the game. The proximity to the action, more involvement with the games, and being more directly involved with the kids are all great reasons to volunteer!

We need you, and we look forward to your participation.


Who to contact:

Jun 18 at 11:55 AM

District 27 DA: Danny Kotzur  (830) 583-5559






Get a hold your league President, let them know you would like to help! 

Let me hear from you!

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