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BBRB La Familia in 1989 started to post info for the district 27 - LLWS.NET started In 2000 so we could have web site for baseball and softball.










Latest News!




Our look has changed, but our mission remains the same!


We will continue to keep you informed on the activities of our district, as well as those of other districts.  As in the past, we will also provide links to other leagues, and to other sites relative to Little League.


While some of our previous features have remained, overall you probably have noticed some dramatic changes in our look and feel.  The updated design will allow us to offer you more options, and to disseminate information more quickly.  Navigation within the site also should be much easier.                  


We are still here for you, and plan to be for a long time!  As we work to improve continually the value of what the site offers, we plan to add even more features, options, and related links.


Take a look around and explore what’s new!