Release of names shall not be made before June 15 2010

2010 District 27 Tournament

Start Date

Area 1

Area 2

 Section 4
 LL Softball 9&10 Year Old    Dist 27 Champs June-28 Goliad

Champ Odem


 LL Softball 10&11 Year Old


 LL Softball 11&12 Year Old   Dist 27 Champs  July-1 Ganado/Industrial Champ Hallettsville 7/17
 LL Softball Junior -
 LL Softball Senior -
 LL Softball Big League -   
 LL Baseball 9&10 Year Old   Dist 27 Champs


Goliad VNE

Champ Lamar American

Game one  7/11 8 22
 LL Baseball 10&11 Year Old Dist 27Champs  July-1 VNE Champ Lamar American 7/17
 LL Baseball 11&12 Year Old Dist 27Champs July-1 VNW VNE Champ Lamar National 7/17
Game one 7/13 1 4
Game two 7/14 8 12

LLWS - Would like to thank  Jeff Vedrenne for the Up Dates on Junior & Senior Baseball Brackets

 LL Baseball Junior July-6 Victoria Champ Sinton 7/17
 LL Baseball Senior                  Dist 27Champs 


Calhoun Champ Calhoun 7/16
 LL Baseball Big League


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