District 27 Tournaments

(Update 6-31-12)


1. The current Little League Rules and Regulations including Tournament rules plus local ground rules will govern play in each respective division. The umpires and manager/coaches will cover any ground rules during meeting at home plate prior to the start of the game, during this time all players are to be in their dugouts. At this time you need to let the umpires know of any players that are late arrivals or are not going to play, including injured players and ineligible pitchers. All players must be equipped according to Little League Rules and Regulations.


2. All players, managers, coaches and umpires will be restricted to stay within the fenced area of the playing field after the game starts except for restroom visits. Please indicate the player’s number to the field officials and instruct the player or adult not to loiter with spectators and to return immediately.


3. The players, manager and coaches who are listed on the affidavit will be the only persons allowed on the field or in the dugout once the team’s equipment is on the field. Players, manager and coaches will remain in the dugout other than; while batting, on defense, warming up in bullpen or coaching bases.


4. Umpires are instructed to listen to any request for clarification of rules or appeals made by the players, there shall be no discussion pertaining to judgment calls.


5. Players shall not gather around the pitcher at the start of any inning or following an out. They will remain near their positions while tossing the ball around the infield and encourage the pitcher from that point. We will let them come together briefly; the duration will be at the discretions of the umpires.


6. Spectators or players on either team shall not yell strike, swing or make other remarks toward players of the opposing team. Stomping feet, noisemakers, and cadence counting and clapping for the obvious intent of distracting defensive players will not be permitted. The tournament official’s will make judgments on all noisemakers.


7. Rings, watches, pins, rubber wrist bands or other jewelry are not to be worn by any player. Managers and coaches may also be asked to remove any object that is distractive or appears to be unsafe on the playing field by tournament or umpire officials.


8. If there is a player warming up in a bullpen area in foul territory, that team will position another player (with a helmet) behind the pitcher facing the batter in order to stop any foul ball from hitting the pitcher or catcher.


9. The home team will occupy the first base dugout and take infield first. Tournament officials will decide if infield practice will be allowed.


10. Managers/Coaches will wear proper coaching attire, as judged by tournament officials. Manager and coaches may wear coaches’ shorts or slacks. Shorts must meet district approval. Enclosed shoes or athletic footwear is acceptable, no sandals or crocs will be permitted. Shirts will reflect the teams name or team colors and will have sleeves and a cap that represents their league. Shirts that promote anything other than the team or team colors will not be permitted. No electronic devices are allowed in the dugout.  Remember tournament officials judge all attire.

11. Any person or persons who publicly criticize umpires, opposing players, managers and other officials will be asked to leave the complex. If necessary, Tournament officials will ask plate umpire to suspend the game until the offenders leave the complex. Men will wear shirts at all times in the complex area. There will be no alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or non-prescription drugs allowed on the complex. There will be no noisemakers of any type around fields of play.