Jeff Vedrenne




     I believe one of the major concerns that loom on our horizon in our very rear future is fan and parent violence at our games. Regrettably, this in a major problem in many youth sports organizations already and has resulted in many incidences such as fights and even deaths. I believe we should address this problem with a positive proactive approach

     I do not pretend to have all the answer. However in our district we will make great strides in setting a standard and making sure we enforce the policy each time a violation occurs, regardless of how minor it may seem to be. Our philosophy is that a spark starts every fire; we believe if we can prohibit the sparks we will prohibit the fires.


    Our policy is as follows:




      Parents or fans that publicly criticize umpires, opposing players, managers or coaches are warned by this and other notices that their behavior will not be tolerated. If this policy is violated, the game officials will ask for play to be stopped until the offender leaves the facility.

Good behavior does not cost!!   It pays!!!

It allows everyone to have to have a good time watching kids play.