Texas East Softball Tournament, July 20 – July 24, 2012

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Tournament Umpires are trained, volunteers who travel at their own expense. Each year, District Administrators throughout the State submit the names of their finest and most proficient volunteer umpires to the Supervisor of Umpires. Umpires are then selected from this list to serve as Texas State Tournament Umpires. It is considered very much of an honor to be selected to work this Tournament, as it is to selected to work the World Series. Treat all of your State Tournament Umpires with the respect that they deserve.


2011 State Umpires


Umpire Assignment City District
Kyle Wier Evaluator (9&10) Beaumont 12
Tal Smith Evaluator  (11) Leander 12
Jerry Krebs Umpire Fayetteville 13
John French Umpire Houston 13
Greg Hodges Umpire Needville 18
Jesse Garcia Jr. Umpire Wallis 18
Michael Sheets Umpire Wallis 18
Paul Sanders Umpire El Campo 18
Robert Lynch Umpire Sweeny 18
Al Callis Umpire Edna 27
Bobby R. Hernandez Supervisor Edna 27
Justin Bonnot Umpire Edna 27
Lynn R. Sparkman Umpire Inez 27
Rocky Vaclavick Evaluator (12) Edna 27
George Rohr Evaluator (JR) George West 29
Jeffery Lindhorst Umpire Ingleside 29
Richard Webb Umpire Beeville 29
Robert Funke Umpire Mathis 29
Glynn Tucker Evaluator (SR) Thrall 30
Nancy Garza Umpire Paige 30
Patricia Boening Umpire Yoakum 31
Theresa R. Bailey Umpire Hamshire 32
Dorothy J. Nevill Umpire North Zulch 33

Well would like to recognize the umpires that will be officiating in the Region and in the World Series.

Region   LLSB Jerry Krebs - Newton Martin  SLSB Greg Hodges  BLSB Al Lang

World Series LLSB  Patricia Boening  JRSB Al Lang  SRSB   Richard  Webb BLSB John French - Paul Sanders

Note: Umpires that are going to the World Series may have been invited to Region as well.

2011 Umpires East