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The Volunteer Umpire
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  • Character, good judgment, ability to get along with youngsters and the desire to do the job well are the attributes of a good umpire.  This is only part of what it takes to be a Little League umpire.


  • The adult volunteer is also a person who commands respect, knows the rules of the game and reacts intuitively to play situations that dictate the umpire’s position.


  • Since the advent of baseball, the umpire has occupied a unique role.  As sole judge and jury the umpire’s authority is unquestioned, but the dignity with which each umpire exercises his duties, the good judgment and common sense he applies in the interpretation of the Rule Book are the hallmarks of an efficient and well respected official.


  • The theory that paying umpires guarantees competence is not only fallacious, but also contrary to Little League policies.  It is also a fallacy to believe that because an umpire is a volunteer he could not be as professional in his/her umpiring mechanics and knowledge of the rules as any major league umpire.


  • When you accept the responsibility of a volunteer Little League Umpire and are appointed by the league president, you should recognize and accept that you are representative of the league and of Little League Baseball.  You are authorized and required to enforce all the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc.  Whether we agree with all the rules and regulations or not, we must enforce all of them to the best of our ability.  We cannot pick and choose which ones we are going to enforce.


  • First and foremost, the safety of the children and the integrity of the games must be number one in the umpire’s mind and how he/she enforces and interprets the rules.


  • The Little League Volunteer Umpire could be one of the most important volunteers in the local league structure.


Where are all the volunteer umpires?


Link to help in Recruiting Umpires

District 27 Team Leaders

Our district has umpires that help us throughout the year, with our clines and tournaments. Without their help, we could never get though the year. All the umpires that have gone to State, Regional, and World Series were at one time a team leaders. Team Leader's are a big part of District 27.  Thank you for benign a team leader  - llws (Bobby)


Link to District 27 State Regional and World Series Team Leaders.